Top 20 List of Stag Party Activities in Carlingford

Have you been given the honour of being Best Man. Your most important task as a Best Man or a Groomsman is as organiser of one of the biggest parties you’ll ever plan. The Stag Party!  The Stag Do, The Bachelor Party, The Groom’s Final Hurrah. What most stag parties try to achieve is to humiliate the Groom to be enough that it is fun for everyone else but also so he can step outside of his comfort zone and just ‘not give a f***’ . If this sounds about right then throw in some activities so that your are not in the pub the entire time as we all know that will only end up in one sorry way, either in bed early or nursing a hangover for a week and nobody needs that. You want everyone to have a good time and you want to organise the best night out/weekend ever, with something to please everyone.

There is so many activities in Carlingford and the surrounding area for stag groups and so to make it easy for you we have compiled a list for you. Choose any of the ideas below, throw in a few beers and a lot of laughs and you will definitely be in the running for the Best Man of The Year Award…

1. Bouldering Experience

Get ready to travel up river as you ascend your way through the canyons, swimming through pools of the crystal clear mountain water that originate high in the Mourne Mountains.

Our wet and wild Bouldering experience gives stag parties the chance to find out first hand why Bouldering is causing such a splash in the world of extreme sports. Led by an experienced instructor, you’ll crawl and clamber your way past any obstacles that block your path, so get ready for a soaking because things are going to get messy!

    • Available all year round.
    • Bus available for group transport to activity during summer months (10 person minimum).
    • You will need to bring swimwear, old trainers, and a towel. Make sure you have warm clothes to change into after your experience.
    • Adverse weather conditions may result in your experience being postponed however you will be advised beforehand.
    • Bouldering experiences usually last around 2- 3 hours
    • Please note this activity is a 1 hour drive from Carlingford

2. Kayaking

Enjoy kayaking around Carlingford with its giant seal colony and gorgeous, protected waters. Kayaking journeys in Carlingford Bay are something to remember.

Sea Kayaking is the best way to explore and revel in the wonder and life of Carlingford Bay at your leisure. Our certified kayak instructors can teach you the talents required to get the most out of your kayaking trip.

If you are feeling up for a little swimming and skin diving throughout a kayak trip, our fleet of sit-on-top prime ocean kayaks enable you at your leisure to hop in and explore the underwater life and scenery. This would be a great way to get rid of those cobwebs to clear the hangover and get you on your way to the next part of the stag.

3. Paintballing or Low Impact Paintball

Why do Stag Parties love Paintball? The most popular reason is for that adrenaline rush when the game starts. The sound of multiple markers firing 15 balls per second definitely gets the blood flowing and when the game starts to intensify you feel even more of your adrenaline then you’d ever imagine when you hit the groom on the ass with a paintball. People play for the wide variety of players that they contend with, the new, the experienced, the nice, the rude players, you’re team or on the opposing side. When you play paintball in Carlingford you get the whole package.

Carlingford’s Paintballing partners have done a great job at creating a location perfect for all Paintballing enthusiasts, It has been carefully planned and thought out and provides a perfect rural battleground to go to war with your friends or against opposing teams.


4. Shooting

Ever wanted to see what it is like to be James Bond? Take aim with our replica bolt action sniper rifles and replica handguns and see who is the best sharpshooter as you take aim in a shooting range competition splitting the stag group into teams to compete to see who gains the most points. This activity is not as stenuous as others but just as adrenaline filled. Leaving plenty of energy for lots of activities.

5. Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is the latest craze to hit Ireland’s activities industry and you can play it now in the outskirts of Carlingford.

We will provide you with all options relating to Bubble Soccer, you can choose whatever tickles your fancy more.

Just like regular soccer, bubble soccer is a team game played on a football pitch with the object of the game to score more goals than the opposing team. That, however, is where the similarities end because in bubble soccer the participants are protected by a big, inflatable bubble which covers them from head to waist with only their legs free to move meaning any efforts to actually play soccer bring hilarious results. A little tip: Knock over as many people as you can, it takes a while to get back up and will result in extreme laughter which is a sure way to get the Stag group in a great mood.

So take part or just watch as players crash into and knock each other over in their bubble like human bumper cars while trying to show off their football skills. Players can do backflips in their bubble, dives, rollies or crash right into each other while the bubble takes all the impact.

6. Go Karting

If you’re unsure what activity to get planned in for the big weekend away, then opt for a thrilling and exhilarating Go Karting session? A sure crowd pleaser!

It’s one of the most popular activities available, and we just know that you and the rest of the lads will really enjoy getting stuck into some rip-roaring racing action. You’ll head to our dedicated partners Go Karting venue for your experience where you’ll be kitted out with all the essential safety equipment such as overalls and helmets, in addition to receiving a full safety talk from a fully experienced professional who will make sure that everything runs smoothly, before hopping in your vehicles and speeding around those circuits. There’s also the option to get involved with a mini Grand Prix event at selected locations across both the UK and abroad, so you’ll really be able to put your skills against your fellow friends or family on that track to see who will be crowned the ultimate winner.

You’ll, of course, have a few practice runs before getting well and truly stuck into those heats before the winners will go through to the final. There will be prizes for the winner and runners up. So folks, if you want something that’s stuffed full of adrenaline for the breakaway, then you know that you can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned session of Go Karting.

Go Karting is a fun activity for parties, compete with the other party goers to claim top bragging rights, find your inner Susie Wolff. If you’re looking for something to make your Hen exciting, Then Go Karting is just for you. Grand Prix racing allows each driver to compete against each other with a practice lap to get warmed up, then straight into the race heats, quarter final, semi final and the very competitive final!  After each Grand Prix, the winners are announced and presented with their prizes at our podium.

This is a great opportunity for some fun group pictures which you can prove you didn’t spend the whole weekend in the pub

7. Grass Track Rally

Put your foot to the floor and speed around the grass tracks. Can you make it around sharp hair pin corners without hitting the side barriers ? Race against your friends and see who can set the best times and fastest laps.

Driving in one of our hatchbacks with their short wheel base means it’s easy to pick up yet hard to master, a perfect choice for some great fun tearing up the track no matter your skill.

Grass track rallying makes for a great activity out and a truly memorable experience.

8. Go Golfing or to a Golf Driving Range

Recently opened near Kilkeel, Mourne Country Park Golf Driving Range is best described as unique, set against the stunning backdrop of the Mourne Mountains and Carlingford Lough it offers the views and tranquillity usually associated with larger Golf Courses.

With a combination of 5 landscaped outdoor tees and 12 indoor bays, Mourne Country Park Golf Driving Range is a perfect place to practice your swing, improve your technique and bask in the surrounding countryside all year round.

We can also organise for you to Golfing in Greenore Golf Club.

9. Enjoy A Race Night

Enjoy a night at the races, A great night out for you and your group. Taking place in Dundalk Stadium, their race cards offer both horse racing and greyhound racing events. We can organise packages to include a bus to and from, entry, race card and finger food with a reserved table. Everything you need for a great nights craic.

Get in touch to find out when their next race night is being held.


10. On Yer Bike

Cycling is increasingly becoming more popular and with the fantastic scenic routes around Carlingford and the Mourne Region what better way to soak it all in than a cycle. If your group is the eperienced cyclist then you may want to bring your own bike but if not then there is bike hire here in Carlingford.

‘On Yer Bike’ avail of their professional, high standard of service on top class bikes – equipped, checked and adjusted to meet your particular needs (With safety in mind too!) Cycling in and around the Carlingford and Mourne area is a truly unique experience.

11. Birdbox Challenge

Looking for an activity with heart-racing suspense and thrill, take it in turns driving blindfolded to restock on supplies. Navigate your way to a safe area while blindfolded then build a shelter, this experience is not going to be a normal drive as you step out of your comfort zone and you are guaranteed to have a load of laughs.

Top it all off with a re-creation of speeding down the rapids in our version where you will get to put your trust in an instructor’s driving ability’s while they take you on an extreme off-road experience across a rocky mountain terrain full of huge drops bumps and water traps wearing a blindfold for this part is optional.

12. Scavenger and Treasure Hunts

This activity is a simple means of getting everyone involved in an exciting activity that isn’t overly strenuous. The Hunt lasts approximately 2 hours and brings you to all the major sites of attraction around the village along with some pubs, just for good measure also. This is optional.

The Hunt includes riddle type questions for which you will find the answers located at different points around the village.

Your group will be divided into teams with each team receiving a map of Carlingford to aid them in their travels. Additional bonus points are on offer that involves lighthearted challenges such as taking photographs and collecting objects as evidence. The bonus points will require you to speak with locals and strangers alike in an attempt to pick-up the extra marks.

The Scavenger Hunt really gets the craic going amongst a group and brings out the competitive streak in the gang.

There is a minimum of 10 people for the Hunt with a prize awarded to the winning team


13. 4×4 Extreme Off-Roading

If you have never driven a 4×4 before don’t be put off, although they look intimidating they are some of the safest cars around and great fun to drive. All of our off road driving experiences are at specially selected locations where you will drive through, over and round terrain they wouldn’t have thought possible. Mud holes, gullies, sheer drops, severe slopes, deep ruts and slippery climbs await you for your 4×4 driving experience!

Off-roading is the activity of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, andother natural terrains.

In rain forests, deserts, and other places no ordinary vehicles could reach, you will find all-terrain vehicles. The moment you venture off the tarmac is the moment you realise the incredible potential to have a serious bit of brilliant fun. This activity is designed to make sure you get the most out of your off road adventure and marries nature with the brilliance of machine.

Want a 4×4 driving experience challenge with a difference? Then forget the racetrack and go 4×4 offroading at our Carlingford venue driving all the best vehicles to choose from.

14. Poker Night

There’s a reason that poker night is a synonym for lads night. On poker night it’s a time when men can be men. Knowing how to play is a requirement of manhood. So if you don’t know your flush from a full-house or you’re convinced that Poker Face is all about Lady Gaga – this isn’t the stag do activity for you. But if you think you’ve got the skill and the balls to approach the green felt table and walk away a winner – then poker night is your night.

There’s few classier ways to start an evening than with poker. There’s a reason that Casino Royale was based all around the card game – if there’s one thing that James Bond knows it’s sophistication. So take your cue from Daniel Craig, dress up to the nines, get focused and let’s deal. Your game will run for up to two hours, so there’s plenty of time for you to rob your mates of their pride and their beer money. Real world croupiers will be on hand throughout to provide the evening with a thoroughly professional air. Your Poker Night is a man’s game that’ll bond you all across your stag party, it’s the perfect activity for a close knit bunch of guys.

As you try and read one another’s bluffs you’ll find out how much you really know one another.


15. Carlingford Brewery Tour

Are you looking to do something different with your Stag Group? How about taking over the Carlingford Brewing Co. Taproom? Private hire of the Táin Taproom is a unique experience for your guests.

Over a period of three hours you will receive, a private tour of the brewery, hosted by the owner; unlimited beer tastings, including trying our newly launched beers; and beers made especially for the taproom. There is also hot food from our food truck.

You have the option of an outdoor setting in a beautiful landscape or seating within the taproom. Numbers can range from 20 – 70 people at €40 per person.


16. 5-Aside Soccor

Split your group into teams and enjoy an hour of 5 aside soccer on a 3G pitch. Changing rooms and hot shower available.

Well, the objective is the same as the traditional game: Put the ball in the back of your opponent’s goal! 5-a-side is just a smaller version of the world’s great game that allows more individual ball time and continuous play at a fast and exciting pace. Suitable and challenging for the most experienced player, yet just as fun for the beginner.

Playing Field
Our 3G field is about the size of a basketball court and is enclosed with rebound boards, like indoor soccer, to keep the ball continuously in play.

17. Cooley Whiskey Tour

Typically this tour takes 2 hours including the time needed for the whiskey tasting class. This is a very hands-on and personal tour that is sure to please even the most experienced connoisseur. Advance booking is required for tours, but not for Whiskey tasting classes.  Discover how whiskey casks are made and maintained during the hands-on demonstration by our Master Cooper.

Discover how the distillation process works, from the raw materials of Grain and Malting barley to Wash to Distillate and then to Whiskey. Discover how whiskey matures and ages. What happens inside the casks over a long period of time and learn Where does Whiskey get its colour? Bottle your very own 8-year-old Greenore Single Grain whiskey. Relax after your tour and enjoy a hosted tasting of the Cooley Whiskey range. Learn about the different tastes that are Cooley Whiskey.

Cooley Distillery was the first new whiskey distillery to be set up in Ireland in over 100 years and it was Ireland’s youngest, smallest and only independent whiskey distillery. It was established in 1987 in the Cooley Peninsula in Co. Louth, near the border with Northern Ireland, and started distilling in 1989. The Cooley Distillery currently produces 1.5 million litres of pure alcohol and fills approximately 12,000 200L ex-Bourbon casks annually. It distils both grain whiskey in column stills and pure malt whiskey in traditional copper pot stills and operates a double distillation process. Cooley therefore produce Single Malt whiskeys and blends, both under their own labels and for independent bottlers and distributors. For full information on all Cooley whiskey brands and the production process, please visit the Cooley website.

From very early on, Cooley set about reviving many of the historic brands and distilling techniques of Irish whiskey. It is currently the only distillery in Ireland producing peated malt whiskeys and bottling single grain whiskey. Some of the old historic Irish whiskey brands which Cooley re-introduced to the Irish and international markets are Locke’s, Tyrconnell and Kilbeggan. All Cooley whiskeys are matured in ex-Bourbon casks, with the exception of whiskeys finished in special casks, such as the Tyrconnell Port, Madeira or Sherry finishes or the new Connemara Single Malt Sherry Finish. Their stock matures both at the distillery in Cooley and in the 200-year-old granite warehouses of the old Kilbeggan distillery in the Irish Midlands.

Nestled in the foothills of the Cooley Mountains, the Cooley Distillery enjoys a perfect location for a whiskey distillery due to its access to clean, pure water from the river that runs down from the mountain and right by the distillery. Cooley at present is not open to visitors. The tour takes place in Martin’s Pub which is only a short walk from the distillery.

18. Axe Throwing & Shooting

Steady your aim and go for the bullseye! This package combines two great activities into one action-packed session.

Learn the basics of Axe throwing and challenge your friends to a spot of friendly competition. Afterwards, head towards our shooting range and take aim with our replica bolt action Sniper rifles and replica Handguns to see who is your groups best sharp shooter. You will take aim in a competition against friends and compete to see who can gain the most points.

A great activity for a group of friends, stag/hen parties, birthday parties or corporate events.

19. Clay Pigeon Shooting

Fancy yourself as a sharp shooter??? We’ll see!!! Take on the rest of your stag group in the Clay Pigeon Shooting.

With a choice of packages, designed to suit beginners and experienced shooters alike, We offer real Clay Pigeon Shooting, with real guns and real clays to ensure a good time for you and yours! Safety equipment and tuition are available for beginners and novices, so you get the best out of your shooting experience.

We can accommodate small and large groups and welcome stag and hen parties. Clay Pigeon shooting in Carlingford is super craic!

Experienced staff will guide you through the experience, offering instruction and direction to ensure your total safety and enjoyment.

  • Minimum age: 18 years old.
  • All safety equipment provided.

20. Foot Golf

Foot Golf is the latest craze sweeping the world and it is quickly becoming incredibly popular in Ireland. Known also as Soccer Golf or Football Golf, Foot Golf is a combination of soccer and golf.

The rules of Foot Golf are similar to the rules of golf. The game is played on a golf course, with sand bunkers and various hazards. The first shot has to be played from the tee, and to reach the hole, bunkers, trees and hills have to be crossed or avoided.

The player who completes the 18 holes with the fewest shots wins.

If you have something in mind that we have not listed, just ask we have lots of other activities from Ziplining, Skypark, Game Of Thrones Tour, Hill Walking Tours, Historical Tours, Laughter Yoga, Strippergram, Cocktail Mystery Tour, Wine Tasting, Escape Rooms, Quad Biking, Carlingford Farm, Space Hopper Football and more…


See our full list of Activities on our page or on Visit Carlingford our sister site…


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