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Enjoy kayaking around Carlingford with its giant seal colony and gorgeous, protected waters. Kayaking journeys in Carlingford Bay are something to remember.

Sea Kayaking is that the best thanks to explore and revel in the wonder and life of Carlingford Bay at your leisure. Our certified kayak instructors can teach you the talents required to get the most out of your kayaking trip.

If you are feeling up for a little swimming and skin diving throughout a kayak trip, our fleet of sit-on-top prime ocean kayaks enable you at your leisure to hop in and explore the underwater life and scenery.


What are Frenzies?

They are Sit-on-tops, very similar to Kayaks only they have an open top which makes it easier to get on and off, perfect for beginners.

Single Frenzies

Take the paddling into your own hands and explore Carlingford Lough in our fun and easy to use Frenzies (open top kayaks), with fantastic views of Slieve Foy Mountain and the Beautiful Mourne Mountains.

Double Frenzies

Double the fun with a double frenzy, explore Carlingford Lough with a friend and find the magic waterfall where your wishes will come true.

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